Surrounded by Magic - Solo Exhibition of Dorina Mocan

Dorina MOCAN
21 Apr - 05 May 2016
Hong Kong

Dorina Mocan was born in Romania in 1954 and in 1981, she moved to Sweden where she became one of the country’s most respected and beloved artists. Her work has touched the hearts and lives of many; with art critics describing her work as "an inner light" that shines forth.

Connoisseur Art Gallery has been representing Dorina since 2005 when we held her first solo exhibition “My Secret Garden” in Hong Kong. This was followed by “Enchanted Meetings” in 2007 in Singapore, “Dreams and Pearls” in 2010 and “The Inner Light” in 2013 in Hong Kong.

“Surrounded by Magic” represents a continuing narration of Dorina’s mythical, dreamlike world. Touching on the unknown and mysterious, her mesmerising new collection brings us on an exciting journey to the blue waters of the sea, beyond the mountains and to the cosmic world.