De Luz - Solo Exhibition of Christian Gaillard

Christian GAILLARD
16 Oct - 28 Oct 2014
Hong Kong

This October, Connoisseur Art Gallery will be holding French artist Christian Gaillard’s new solo exhibition titled “De Luz”. Born in 1951 in Avignon, France, Gaillard is renowned for his portraits of some of the greatest living matadors in the world. He has been awarded numerous prestigious honours and was the first non-Spaniard to win First Prize at the Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla in Spain, a prestigious historical institution of the Royal Cavalry, and bring presented the prize by S.A.R. Don Juan de Bourbon, father of the King of Spain. In 2002, under the authority of the President of France, Gaillard's work titled "Profile of Courage" was presented to New York City mayor as a tribute to the New York Fire Department in memory of 9/11.

“De Luz”, which means “Of Light” in Spanish, is derived from the term “Traje de Luz" or "Suit of Light” which refers to custom-made costumes worn by toreros or bullfighters. They are often embroidered with silver or golden thread inspired by 18th century Andalusian clothing. The subject is close to Gaillard’s heart as bullfighting is a tradition and integral part of his culture in the South of France where he grew up in, and his fascination lies in showcasing the bravery, heroism and state of mind of the matadors.