Red, Red, Red - Solo Exhibition of ZHANG Da Zhong

ZHANG Da Zhong
09 Nov - 20 Nov 2012
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is pleased a new solo exhibition of renowned artist ZHANG Da Zhong. Known for his paintings of Chinese female Red Guards portrayed in dramatic and theatrical settings, his art draws empathy from audience and at the same time, inviting audience to solve a mystery behind the story of an intriguing subject. Zhang’s works transform plain canvases into absorbing environments within historical contexts.

In comparison to the first solo exhibition eight years ago, the artist now depicts his subjects in very different settings, mainly in lush natural surroundings amongst beautiful blossoms and against mountainous backdrops. The collection expresses a sense of calmness and intrigue.

Regardless of the paintings’ historical and political references, Zhang’s females are always beautiful and mesmerizing. The artist uses beauty as his main theme in his portraits because to him, “art reflects people’s life and pure beauty”.