Song Yu Min Solo Exhibition

21 Sep - 30 Sep 2012
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery will start the Autumn season with a solo exhibition of Song Yu Min, our ink and colour master painter, in collaboration with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Song Yu Min’s painting, “Whispering Trees”, has been used by the hotel in their marketing collaterals for the launch of their mooncake this year and the hotel will be providing mooncakes for the exhibition’s opening reception.

Known as the “Poet of Colours”, Song Yu Min is credited with revolutionizing contemporary Chinese ink and colour paintings by taking them out of the traditional monochromatic scheme. In his paintings he used blends of ink and colours to create harmonious compositions depicting the beauty of the landscapes from China. With vivid colours, both fine and broad brushstrokes and a mesmerizing dotting effect he created very energetic paintings with a dynamic feel and others with a magnetic charm and serenity. With his skillful hands and through his artistic vision in his work he expressed a mysterious narrative of life and journey; through the places he had travelled extensively in his career. He was able to produce works that were strictly traditional in their overview, often looking at the world from a higher-ground perspective, also depicting details of architecture and human activities in rural areas.

Song Yu Min had received the highest and most prestigious honour granted by the PRC government to its artists – the distinction of a “National First Class Artist” and was the second artist to ever hold a solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. He also held several solo exhibitions and was invited to show in Japan for seven consecutive years. His large scale work is permanently held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Song Yu Min had to retire 10 years ago because of an eye infection and the doctors had advised that he stopped painting in as early as 1996. Yet at that time he continued to labour towards his art and passion; preparing tirelessly for the solo show in the National Art Museum. Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present our available collection, acquired from the artist over more than twenty years of representing him in Asia.