Zhang Da Zhong Solo Exhibition

ZHANG Da Zhong
12 Nov - 30 Nov 2010
Hong Kong

Zhang Da Zhong is renowed for his female Red Guard series, and for this new exhibition, the first large-scale one since 2004, he continues to develop this theme with greater details, refinement and with different compositions. 

Zhang's earlier works from 2005 to 2006 for example, portray a more militaristic atmosphere, some with weapons and more intense expressions and stronger colours. In recent years, he has portrayed the females in a more agricultural or natural environment, against backdrops of mountains and fields. This signals a move from a more militaristic and political setting, where the female could have been anyone, and the context of time could be completely unrelated to the Cultural Revolution era. Often, the only clue that defines the female as a Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution, is the uniform that she wears.

Zhang's paintings, apart from his artistic inputs, draw inspiration from his personal experience and thoughts. His new works portray a different side of the story of these young, hopeful Red Guards; bringing each one out of the political context, in order to portray each of them as an individual young Chinese female; with her own personality, character and life.

During the exhibition, Connoisseur Art Gallery will also be launching a new album, which documents selected works from 2006 now in private collection, to his new works in this exhibition.