LSR - Solo Exhibition of Li Shurui

LI Shurui
07 May - 30 May 2010
Hong Kong

Titled after the artist Li Shurui herself - "LSR" represents the essence of the artist's development, concept and insight into her chosen subject matter.

From lights to colours, Li Shurui is now working with bolder colours, die-cut and larger canvases, different permutations and formats, changing perceptions and creating illusions. Moving from the use of a predominant single shade, she is using a myriad of colours to form mirror symmetries, and compelling, mind boggling compositions that create a perspective of depth and a three-dimensional effect.

The result is a highly charged and immersive atmosphere that engulfs our visual senses, invades our spatial boundary and heightens our sensory experience.

The exhibition will be hosted in both Connoisseur Art Gallery and Connoisseur Contemporary venues.