"Dreams and Pearls" - Dorina Mocan Solo Exhibition

Dorina MOCAN
15 Apr - 30 Apr 2010
Hong Kong

Dorina MOCAN was born in 1954 in Transylvania, Romania. She moved to Sweden in 1981 and has become one of the country’s most respected artists today. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions around Europe and her works have touched many fans all around the world, including the King and Queen of Sweden.

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition of celebrated Swedish artist Dorina MOCAN this April, with the honour of having the artist present in Hong Kong for the show. Drawing from her Romanian background and inspiration from the Gotland landscape, an island of Sweden, the artist will present a series of new paintings that showcases her stylistic portrayal of childhood and nature - her favourite themes.

MOCAN says “When I, in my childhood, sat by the sea playing with coloured glass beads, I had a strong feeling for the beauty and mystery of life. An awareness that behind everything dwelled not only shadows but most of all, beauty. In those moments I saw glittering stars in broad daylight, endlessly running through my fingers. The beads had become falling stars landing in my hands, sorting themselves into a string of pearls. A marvelous promise that all wishes will some day come true. And those paintings are one of those dreams”.