Group Exhibition
16 Jul - 20 Aug 2005
Hong Kong

Celebrating 16 years of Fine Art, Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present 16/16, a tribute to the Gallery's unprecedented standing as one of the most highly regarded art galleries in Hong Kong.

With 16 years of experience in the art field, Connoisseur is proud to have recently expanded both its exhibition space (January 2005), as well as its representation of international artists from around the world.

Connoisseur has long been devoted to promoting awareness and appreciation of contemporary art and has played a pivotal role in introducing contemporary Chinese art to the public.

We continue to create a new vision and in hope to strengthen the communication between art culture and public, and to challenge the global world of art without barriers and beyond any language. Art made in our times gives us more than a glimpse of the future. It opens up our eyes and our soul - MA Chim, Gallery Founder

Over the years, Connoisseur has been honoured to be able to represent many renowned artists here in Hong Kong. With 16/16, works by esteemed artists such as Christian GAILLARD, JIA Juan Li, TSUI Tin Yun, DAI Ping Jun, WANG Jian, RAN Jie, ZHANG Da Zhong, XIE Heng Xing, LIU Yuan Shou, and KANG You He will come together to create a tapestry of colors and affectations to commemorate the many years of artistic excellence.