About Women - Female Portrait Exhibition

Group Exhibition
21 Apr - 10 May 2005
Hong Kong

Connoisseur is proud to present "About Women", the third female portrait exhibition following the huge success of the preceding shows. The exhibition is a rare occasion that summons at one time some of the greatest talents from the contemporary Chinese art scene. Our impressive list of featured portrait artists includes TSUI Tin Yun, LIU Yuan Shou, XIE Heng Xing, ZHANG Da Chong, CHEN Wei, and LIU Yong, whose very fine works present us the exquisite beauty of Chinese females, who remain the major source of inspiration for many leading artists.

The Bold and Beautiful - Female represents a powerful force that never ceases to inspire TSUI Tin Yun. TSUI's females are symbol of ideal beauty, an idea that is fully manifested in his poetic and expressive paintings of revolutionary Chinese women. While ZHANG Da Zhong has created female portraits of the Red Guards which is a subject close to his heart. The Red Guards belong to a period of havoc and instability in Chinese history and the Cultural Revolution. ZHANG depicts his subjects in tranquil and rather abstract, theatrical settings acts as a striking contrast to the harsh reality.

The Elegant - Hailed as emerging portrait masters, DAI Ping Jun and LIU Yuan Shou are highly acclaimed for their portraits of contemporary Chinese females clad in modern or traditional costume. The artists vividly capture the exuberance and beauty of their subjects, at times setting them against a backdrop of antique screens of floral motif that serves to compare with the females.

The Exotic - With the rich heritage of many different ethnic groups in China, their cultures continue to fascinate many Chinese artists. CHEN Wei's renowned portraits of the Yi girls stem from his extensive travel in Yunnan, Sichuan provinces. XIE Heng Xing is justifiably celebrated as a master of portraits of the people from Xi Zang, his paintings a tapestry of vibrant colours depicting in painstaking details the subjects' accessories and costume, and hence create a powerful tribute to the culture of Xi Zang.

The Sensual - The myth of femininity is dexterously depicted in LIU Yong's work of art. His work is an expression of the beauty of the female body where the figures take on warm lyrical lines. In his delicate and sensual female portraits, LIU continues his exploration of the female human form and the challenge to see nudity as one of the representations of contemporary culture in China, the female nudity as a symbol of freedom, as a way of liberating from their old conventions.

The Mysterious - Fascinated by the splendor of Qing Dynasty court life, JIA Juan Li creates compelling portraitures of Qing noble ladies with beautiful yet pensive faces, capturing the elegance of a bygone era. Inspired by the delicate artifacts and architecture of the Imperial Palace, JIA depicts atmospheric scenes of daily life at court. The court ladies under JIA's paintbrush are mysterious, distant and still; the audience is allowed only a glimpse into their lives.