Spring Gala 2005

Group Exhibition
02 Mar - 20 Mar 2005
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present "Spring Gala 2005", a special group exhibition of the gallery's renowned artists in association with Hong Kong ArtWalk 2005. As part of the popular annual community and charity event, Hong Kong ArtWalk, to be held this year on 2nd March, the exhibition kicks off with a celebration of the arrival of spring. The exhibition highlights several featured artists whose subject matters and themes of their paintings capture the mood of spring and awaken the senses: lotus that blossoms melodiously upon the crystal-clear and still pond by KANG You He; glorious spectacle of birds and flowers motif by JIA Juan Li; fairytale-like ladies charmingly dressed in delicate dresses with gleeful smiles by DAI Ping Jun and LIU Yuan Shou; and lush serene landscapes touched by the gentle rays of light by ZHANG Guo Ning and HU Yong Hao. Spring Gala 2005 celebrates the spring season that inspires many to articulate their rich creativity and vibrant composition and to create such lyrical and blissful artworks. The exhibition will run from March 2 to March 20, 2005.