A Connoisseur's Vision

Group Exhibition
21 Jan - 08 Feb 2005
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present "A Connoisseur's Vision", a group exhibition of the Gallery's master-class artists, in celebration of the Gallery's expansion and grand re-opening.

Set in an expanded space designed by celebrity artist and architect, TSUI Tin Yun, the exhibition will feature an impressive selection of masterpieces by numerous of the Gallery's highly regarded artists such as DAI Ping Jun, DU Zhong, Chen Zi Da, JIA Juan Li, LU Dong Ming, TSUI Tin Yun, XIE Heng Xing, and ZHANG Guo Ning. Many of these artists' works can be found through major international auction houses, in principal museums as well as public art collections. It is Connoisseur's vision to bring these original works of art to all art collectors and art lovers alike, and to foster the spirit of appreciation for these fine works amongst the community.

Connoisseur Art Gallery was formerly established as Chinese Artists Committee in 1989 as a non-profit art organisation. It gradually grew into one of the most prominent commercial art galleries in Hong Kong. Connoisseur has long been devoted to promoting awareness and appreciation of contemporary arts and has played a pivotal role in introducing the then little known contemporary Chinese art to public. With more than 15 years of experience in the art field and having successfully established as an art gallery representing esteemed Chinese artists with highly collectible artworks; not only is the gallery expanding its space, but it is also expanding to represent renowned international artists from around the world, with the intention to meet the growing demand of the gallery's increasingly sophisticated client base and the intention to give recognition to artists of diverse backgrounds and artistic expressions who demonstrated true talent and vision. Connoisseur is dedicated to bringing the finest works of art to the Hong Kong art scene.

Come and enter into the place where the heart of the artists and their creation meets the vision of the Connoisseur.

Notable Participating Artists:

TSUI Tin Yun, a celebrated Hong Kong artist whose works were auctioned at Christie's for over ten times since 1995 and whose works are highly sought-after by serious art collectors around the world.

JIA Juan Li, award winner of 2004 Prix de L'Auteurs dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques from the Prix International d'Art Contemporain de Monte-Carlo (International Competition of Contemporary Art at Monte Carlo), is praised as one of the most renowned Chinese female artists in the world.

ZHANG Guo Ning, considered one of the most distinguished Beijing artists, a master of light and perception, is famous for his amorous way of capturing the beauty of Hutong scenes in the national capital.

DAI Ping Jun, hailed as one of the most promising young Chinese artists, DAI has quickly established his reputation with his portraiture of elegant young noble ladies of Late Qing Dynasty.

And for the first time, the gallery will be representing its foreign artist, Christian GAILLARD, renowned for his ambitious works on bullfighting and its association with bravery. He has made a name for himself with portraits of some of the greatest living matadors, many of whom are his personal friends. He is also well known for painting the portrait titled "Profile of Courage" which was in memory of firefighters who perished at the terrorist attacks on September 11th. In 2002, under the authority of the President of France, the Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris, the painting by Christian Gaillard was presented to the Fire Department of New York City.