Springtime in Beijing

ZHANG Guo Ning
02 May - 18 May 2003
Hong Kong

Connoisseur Art Gallery is delighted to feature "Springtime in Beijing", an exhibition of three Chinese artists showing us the myriad beauty of the capital city of China. ZHANG Guo Ning, WANG Guo Zhu, ZHAO

Yao will present us the maze like hutong quarters, the glorious Forbidden City, and the day to day activities of the people during the most delightful season of the year.

ZHANG Guo Ning pays tribute to Beijing with his paintings of hutong - the small alleys - which connect up traditional residential dwellings. With the advent of urban restructure, the hutongs are threatened to be replaced by skyscrapers, shopping malls and the likes. Zhang strives to preserve this ubiquitous feature of Beijing on canvas, and he is particularly fascinated by the courtyard houses (Siheyuan). The entrance to such traditional houses is fronted by stone sculptures, the wooden doors are topped with tiles and decorative features. ZHANG's luminous hutong scenes present a powerful and memorable eulogy to his home city.

The splendid architecture of the Forbidden City is a source of artistic inspiration for WANG Guo Zhu. Instead of presenting panoramic views of the palace, WANG portrays it from unexpected angles. His recent works fully show the beauty of the complexity of the structure and the spatial relationship of the various buildings. ZHANG's works provide us a new angle to appreciate the glory of one of the most famous palace structures in the world, and evoke memories of legends and anecdotes of imperial families who were once its residents.

ZHAO Yao is known for his portrayals of the life of the people in Beijing. In his art, he vividly depicts children playing in front of their houses, old man enjoying an idyllic afternoon by watching the world goes by, pedicab drivers taking a rest in the middle of the day. Unhurried and relaxed, the local residents are indeed proud to be the residents of the capital city.