My Secret Garden

Dorina MOCAN
11 Nov - 26 Nov 2005
Hong Kong

Dorina MOCAN was born in 1954 in Transylvania, Romania. She moved to Sweden in 1981 and has become one of the country's most respected artists today. She has been living and working in Upplands Vasby, just north of Stockholm since then. MOCAN's works have touched many fans all around the world, including the King and Queen of Sweden, who have bought one of her large paintings as a birthday gift for their daughter, the Crown Princess of Viktoria. MOCAN has held numerous solo and group exhibitions around Europe and "My Secret Garden" will be her first exhibition in Hong Kong. One can find a trace of ageless European culture in MOCAN's works: an old and worn urn in front of a red surface, stone-steps climbing up to the garden where a shell of a snail is laid, and young girls with classic looks standing in front of ancient walls and ruins. However, there is also a sense of suspense running through her paintings; one cannot help wonder: where are the steps leading to? Is there anything behind those walls? Why are there horns surrounding the young girl? Perhaps there is a deep symbolism hidden in MOCAN's works or perhaps they are images of the artist's imagination. It is this combination of reality and dream that capture viewers' attention. MOCAN has said, "What picture am I constantly searching for? Not solely an extension of reality, the experienced. But also a vision of the future, a carrier of a prophecy. Like a perfect symbiosis of dream and reality."