Spring Gala

Group Exhibition
01 Mar - 28 Mar 2004
Hong Kong

To celebrate the beginning of a new year of exciting exhibitions in 2004, Connoisseur Art Gallery is pleased to present "Spring Gala: A Special Group Exhibition" featuring works by some of our most popular artists such as Hong Kong portrait master TSUI Tin Yun, Chinese portrait expert Zhang Da Zhong, Paris-based Chinese female artist Jia Juan Li and JI Lin, one of the four Chinese Contemporary Still Life Masters. We are also excited to introduce new talents who have recently joined our gallery, including DAI Ping Jun, a rising star in contemporary Chinese portraiture, and REN Xiao Lin, renowned for his highly stylized portraits.

TSUI Tin Yun, with an expressive 10 auction records at Christie's Hong Kong since 1995 and whose works are highly sought-after by serious art collectors around the world, is, without contest, one of Hong Kong's most important artists. Most renowned for his multi-media figurative paintings, TSUI shows that his art is deeply imbedded in the Chinese culture and history, yet also highly thought-provoking and intriguing with its political undertone and social critique.

Hailed as one of the most promising Chinese artists in recent years, the 27-year-old DAI has quickly established his reputation with his portraiture of young noble ladies of Late Qing Dynasty. His "Succession of Beauty" presents a gorgeously dressed young lady sitting in front of a wall with impressions of noble ladies from Tang Dynasty, leaving us to contemplate and contrast the different environs and ideas on beauty of the two epochs. A narrow and elongated composition is the preferred format of DAI, allowing a large proportion of space as backdrop. The surreal effect is one that enhances the dreamy and timeless quality of DAI's extraordinary portraits.

Most noted for his portrayal of Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Da Zhong once again demonstrates his artistic genius in realistic female portrait with two paintings specially dedicated for this exhibition. The Red Guards, a subject close to his heart, are all meticulously depicted that immediately mesmerize viewers with their exquisite features and facial expressions - a vivid proof of the artist's impeccable technical virtuosity.

Other artists featured include Jia Juan Li, a Chinese female artist residing in Paris who is highly reputed for her lyrical, expressive depictions of ladies at the Qing Court; JI Lin, one of the Four Contemporary Chinese Still Life Masters with her glorious, tranquil peonies paintings; and REN Xiao Lin, renowned for his highly stylized, at times sarcastic paintings of people engaged in various daily activities.