ZHOU Siwei
12 Sep - 30 Sep 2007
Hong Kong

ZHOU had fun destroying the lovable image of classic children's cartoons by portraying them with a rebellious nature in his previous collection of works and now for "Twilight" he uses the same twisted idea to portray iconic scenes of melons and fairytale characters! Beijing. "Twilight" is his first solo exhibition with 82 Republic since joining the contemporary art space. He has previously exhibited in Nanjing and Chongqing in China. This solo exhibition in Hong Kong takes him one step closer into the international art circle.

"Twilight", an exhibition of colourful oil paintings, will be held in both Connoisseur Art Gallery and 82 Republic, from September 13 - 20 and September 13 - 30 respectively. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held at Connoisseur Art Gallery on the evening of September 12, with the presence ZHOU Siwei to share his concepts and thoughts of childhood admirations.