HUI Xin was born in 1977 in Xinjiang, China and graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2003. He now lives and works between Beijing and Chongqing in China. One of the few known Chinese artists to use the airbrushing technique, Hui Xin has chosen this technique to produce the superflat effect of an advertising, graphic-like poster. His work is distinctive in its hyper-realistic images of Oriental origin or traditional Chinese motifs, such as peonies or animals from the Zodiac signs, but presented in a kitsch-like and artificial or surrealistic fashion; with colours and compositions that are instantly attractive, bright and loud. A similar juxtaposition is in the auspicious symbolisms associated with the featured motifs in Chinese culture and the artist’s message of materialism, worldly lusts and desires.


 2003 Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Solo Exhibitions

 2004 "Splendour of Gold", Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
2007 "Other Intentions", Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing Singapore, Jakarta
"Far Away", Art Seasons Gallery Beijing, China
2009 "Paramount", Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta
2013 "Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder", Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Major Exhibitions

2003 "Youth is Victory", Shanghai, China
The Second Oil Painting Biennial of Guiyang, Guiyang, China
The Turning - First Annual Invitational Exhibition by Contemporary
Artists, Chongqing Art Museum, China
Art Education of Experiment Opening, Exhibition of Chongqing Museum, China
The First Oil Painting Exhibition, Chongqing Museum, China
2004 "Modern China", Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
Art Singapore 2004 Singapore
China Exposition of International Gallery, Beijing, China
"Each other", Toulouse, France
2005 "Forced Recruitment", Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China
2006 "Contemporary Arts Association Exhibition", Min Art Gallery, Taiwan,
"Beyond Dimension Chinese New Painting Exhibition", Nanjing Square
Gallery of Contemporary Art, China
"Frolic Picture - Contemporary Art of China Exhibition", Shenzhen Art
Museum, China
2007 "The Revelling Waves", Shanghai Duolun Museum of Art, Shanghai,
"The Same Feeling, Contemporary Emerging Artists Exhibition",
Chengdu, China
"The Pit Change", Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy
"Age of Jelly", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2008 "Fairy Tales", Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy
"Beautiful Experiences", Season Art Gallery, Beijing, China
"Age of Jelly", Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, China
"99 Art Network Academic Nomination Exhibition", Shanghai Spring Art
Salon, China
"Changing Faces", Nanjing Green Museum of Contemporary Art,
Nanjing, China
2009 "Who is Moving Art History?", The YCA First Exhibition, Shanghai, China
"Shrugs", Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China
"Between the Actual Situation of the "Resident", Animamix Biennial,
Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2010 "Small is Beautiful", Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China
2011 "Trio - Like Strangers", Hong Kong, China
"Pioneer", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chongqing, China
"Decade of Seasons", Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore