GE Shu Qing

GE Shu Qing was born in Liaoning in 1959. In 1983, GE entered the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most prestigious fine art academies in China. GE's realistic yet poetic landscape captures the beauty of nature down to its finest details, as seen in the lush foliage, rough texture of tree bark, and the silky, newly grown grass.

Many works of this award-winning Chinese landscape artist are collected by principal museums in China, as well as private collections worldwide.


  • 1982     "Mist" - Silver Award, Liaoning Artists Art Exhibition 
  • 1984     "Coal Mine" - Outstanding Award, Liaoning Artists Art   
  • 1985     "Expanding" - Outstanding Art Award, Liaoning Art Exhibition
  • 1991     "Expanding - First Class Honour, Young Artists Art Exhibition,   
  • 1999     "Bending Mountain Path" - Outstanding Award, 50th National 
                  Day Anniversary Outstanding Artists Art Exhibition
                  "Morning" - Gold Award, 5th National Art & Calligraphy 
                  Exhibition, National Art Musuem of Contemporary Art, Beijing
  • 2000    "Marching" - Outstanding Award, Liaoning Art Exhibition


  • 1987     Bachelor of Fine Arts
                  Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2005     "Forest Whispers" - Solo Exhibition of GE Shu Qing
                  Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Professional Affiliation

Member of Chinese Artists Association
Vice President of Liaoning Artists Association

Public Collections

"Late Return" - National Art Museum, Beijing, China
"Winter of the East" - Liaoning Art Museum, China
"Early Spring" - Korean-Sino Cultural Exchange Association, Seoul, Korea
"Morning" - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Private Collections

China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Major Exhibitions

  • 1982     Liaoning Artists Exhibition
  • 1983     Northeast Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing, China
                  Group Art Exhibition, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
  • 1984     Liaoning Artists Art Exhibition
  • 1985     Liaoning Art Exhibition    
  • 1991     Young Artists Art Exhibition, Germany
  • 1996     1st Liaoning Art Exposition
  • 1997     Hong Kong's Reunion with China Art Exhibition - National Art 
                  Exposition, Beijing, China
  • 1998     National Art Exposition, Beijing, China
                  Capital Art Exposition, Beijing, China
  • 1999     50th National Day Anniversary Outstanding Artists Art Exhibition
                  5th International Art & Calligraphy Exhibition
                  National Art Exposition, Beijing, China
  • 2000     Liaoning Art Exhibition
  • 2001     Korean-Sino Art Exchange Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
                  "Beyond the Frame", Landscape Painting Exhibition,
                  Hong Kong
  • 2002     Chairman Mao Memorial National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China


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