DU Zhong

DU Zhong was born in Hefei in 1956. His style is one at the crossroads of the abstract and the real. He is particularly adept at capturing the rustic mountain settlements in various provinces in China. On an extra-large canvas, DU juxtaposes expressive, confident brushstrokes with the seemingly spontaneous crisscross of lines, which adds a dreamy, abstract aura to the compelling sceneries depicted in his works.

A master artist and scholar, many of his works and essays have been published in such newspapers and art magazines in China as "Anhui Daily", "The Art Newspaper", "Jiangsu Art News", and "Chinese Oil Painting".


  • 1989 - Bronze Award, The 7th National Art Exhibition
  • 1990 - Merit Award, The 1st Selection of Oil Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1993 - Merit Award, Boya Oil Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1994 - Artistic Grand Award, Xu Bei Hong Scholarship Committe 1997 - Bronze Award, Anhui Province Oil Painting Exhibition
  • 1998 - Bronze Award, The 8th National Cultural Department Grand Awards
  • 1998 - Merit Award, Anhui Up-and-coming Artists Exhibition
  • 1999 - Silver Award, The National Contemporary Up-and-coming Artists Exhibition
  • 1999 - Bronze Award, The 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China Art Exhibition, Anhui


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty of Art
  • Anhui Academy of Fine Arts
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Arts Anhui Institute of Education, Faculty of Art Postgraduate
  • Diploma in Oil Painting Fuyang Normal College, Faculty of Oil Painting
  • Master of Fine Arts The National Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Oil Painting

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1994 - Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2001 - Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong

Professional Affiliation

  • Member of Chinese Artists Association
  • Member of Chinese Oil Painting Artists Association
  • Member of Chinese Watercolour Artists Association
  • Committee of Anhui Artists Association
  • Deputy Secretary of Anhui Watercolour Artists Association

Private Collections

China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

Major Exhibitions

  • 1986 - The 1st Watercolour & Pastel Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1989 - The 7th National Art Exhibition, China
  • 1989 - Chinese Art Exhibition, Paris, France
  • 1990 - Watercolour Painting Exhibition in China, Hangzhou
  • 1991 - Watercolour Painting Exhibition in China, Hangzhou
  • 1993 - Watercolour Painting Exhibition in China, Hangzhou
  • 1993 - The 1st Oil Painting Biennale in China
  • 1993 - The 1st Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1994 - The 2nd Oil Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1995 - The 10th Up-and-coming Artists Exhibition, organized by the National Artist Association
  • 2001 - The National Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition
  • 2003 - The 3rd Oil Painting Exhibition in China
  • 2003 - The 1st International Art Biennale, Beijing


  • Du Zhong�s Art Collection
  • The Art of Du Zhong�s Oil Painting