Gao Yi was born in Nanjing, China in 1987, and she currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. After she received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2012, she developed a love for traditional materials. Using handmade paper and raw pigments as her choice of media, she explores possibilities of combining new synthetics in her art of painting. Her narrative playgrounds, often painted with references to works of old and modern masters such as Francisco Goya, Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall, incorporate curious characters and landscapes transcending time and space. She portrays the sense of immediacy through poetic means within the subconscious mind, and her paintings veil an impression of serenity enveloping a façade of unbridled emotional absurdity.  



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los
Angeles, California, USA

Solo Exhibitions


“Utopia”, Curated by Kio Griffith, Café Bolivar Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA

Participated Exibition


“The Oxnartians Have Landed”, Organized by Christine Morla and Ichiro Irie, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, California, USA

“No Region Would”, Curated by Kio Griffith, West Los Angeles College Art Gallery, Culver City, California, USA